Please Don't Defund Measure 99.

Dear Oregon Legislature,

Yes, It’s True: We Could Lose Outdoor School State Funding.

Oregon voters spoke clearly in November to fully fund Outdoor School. But because of the massive state budget shortfall, the Ways & Means Budget Committee must now decide where to make hard cuts. Because Measure 99 is statutory, lawmakers can cut, delay or even repeal our hard-won funding.

We’re confident the Legislature will honor Oregon voters’ choice to fund Outdoor School — but only if you remind them of your vote.

We need to deluge the Budget Committee with brief, personalized letters from you, the voter. A personalized letter makes a big impact: by having your unique voice heard, you help ensure that the Legislature remembers how many of us support state funding for Outdoor School.

Follow these 4 steps, and in 5 minutes you will make your voice heard. It’s the easiest thing you’ll do all year to support great education for Oregon kids!

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Outdoor School Statewide Funding Resources

Please find more information about the Outdoor School for All law (SB 439) and the effects of Measure 99 in this comprehensive FAQ. This will be updated as new information becomes available. To ask questions and comments directly to OSU Extension, please submit them here.

  • Locally and statewide, Outdoor School networks need to be built and strengthened.
  • We'll help OSU Extension, schools, ESDs and camps facilitate a smooth, successful transition to state-level funding.
  • We will be deeply involved in ensuring that the new funding remains secure from possible Legislative or other action.
  • Contact me at with questions about Friends of ODS.

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Why Outdoor School?
Outdoor School 
Funding Program
In 1957, a hands-on field science program called Outdoor School (ODS) launched in Oregon. It is an opportunity for students in fifth or sixth grade to move from their school classrooms into the outdoors to learn...

On November 8, 2016, Oregon voters passed Ballot Measure 99, authorizing funds from the state lottery to provide all 5th or 6th grade students in Oregon access to a week of Outdoor School.

"I learned things about myself, like the fact that if you're confident in yourself enough, you can do anything. I will always remember my Student Leader for the rest of my life."
- sixth-grade student
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