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Oregon State University Extension will assume responsibility for distributing funds to school districts and Education Service Districts establish and operate Outdoor School programs. They will also offer other types of resources to educators and nonprofits that will deliver Outdoor School experiences.The first allocation of money from the Oregon State Lottery will go to OSU Extension in July 2017 to identify support resources and establish granting strategies. We anticipate that OSU Extension will begin distributing funds for the 2017-2018 school year.

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What Will Measure 99 Do?

For over a decade, Friends of Outdoor School has worked alongside our many loyal partners and supporters to secure permanent funding for Outdoor School. Now, we celebrate: Outdoor School is now truly for ALL Oregon students!

Once again, Oregonians have made history: We are now the only state in the nation with dedicated funding for outdoor education.

Measure 99 funds a week of Outdoor School for every 5th or 6th grade student in Oregon. It dedicates up to $22 million of lottery dollars annually, establishing a permanent, stable source of funding for Outdoor School, without raising taxes. School districts and Education Service Districts (ESDs) will have the opportunity to apply for funds.

We know the benefits of hands-on, place-based outdoor education: increased academic achievement; science learning in the field; exposure to STEM careers appreciation for the land and natural resources; and many more. Now, this experience will be shared by all Oregon students.

Please find more information about the Outdoor School for All law and the effects of Measure 99 in this comprehensive FAQ. This will be updated as new information becomes available. To ask questions and comments directly to OSU Extension, please submit them here.

  • Measure 99 does NOT fund next spring's Outdoor School session; our first priority is ensuring these kids get to go to Outdoor School.
  • Locally and statewide, Outdoor School networks need to be built and strengthened.
  • We'll help OSU Extension, schools, ESDs and camps facilitate a smooth, successful transition to state-level funding.
  • We will be deeply involved in ensuring that the new funding remains secure from possible Legislative or other action.
  • Contact me at Kim@friendsofoutdoorschool.org with questions about Friends of ODS.

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Why Outdoor School?
Outdoor School 
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Since 1966, Outdoor School has been a vital component of Oregon's public education system. Each year, thousands of families count on the program to introduce their children to nature, ecology, the environment, natural resources, and animal . . . .

After many years of hard work, and with your unwavering support, we've reached one of most important goals: Outdoor School for ALL children in our state, no matter their background or zip code. Please use the links

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"I saw ODS as my own ticket to personal growth and spiritual wealth, but when I got back I realized that I had gained much more. At the end of the week, I decided to seriously look in to teaching as an option for a college focus. I learned so much about myself after I went to ODS."​
Kilo, ODS Student Leader

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