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Friends of Outdoor School is dedicated to preserving the
Outdoor School experience for every Oregon student.

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Why Outdoor School?

"I saw ODS as my own ticket to personal growth and spiritual wealth, but when I got back I realized that I had gained much more. At the end of the week, I decided to seriously look in to teaching as an option for a college focus. I learned so much about myself after I went to ODS."

—Kilo, ODS Student Leader
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A movement to restore
outdoor education for
every sixth-grader

We’re excited to share that the movement to restore outdoor education throughout Oregon is building incredible momentum! Oregon Outdoor Education Coalition (OOEC), a partnership between Friends of ODS, the Gray Family Foundation, Metro!

That’s why we’ve formed thpolitan Group and many others statewide who are committed to creating a strong, cohesive voice for Oregon outdoor education. 

Right now we're focused on securing state funding for a full week of Outdoor School for every Oregon sixth grade student.

OOEC, with the generous support of the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, is holding six regional discussions through January 2015 to hear what Oregonians think about Outdoor School and how it can better serve the needs of their communities. These regional gatherings are an opportunity to help shape education in Oregon by telling us what you think Outdoor School should look like moving forward.

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