WORKPLACE GIVING: Making a Difference All Year Long

With fall employee charitable giving campaigns just around the corner, here’s a quick reminder about one of your options this year: EarthShare Oregon. An environmentally-focused workplace giving federation, EarthShare works with more than 100 environmental nonprofits that advocate for healthy rivers, clean air, and protected farm and wildland. Good news: Friends of Outdoor School is an EarthShare partner! If EarthShare is an option in your workplace, you may be able to support all of EarthShare’s partners, or designate Friends of Outdoor School directly, with your workplace gift.

Payroll deduction is one of the simplest, easiest ways to support Friends of Outdoor School. By spreading a gift among several smaller monthly payments instead of a one-time donation, many people find that they are able to give a bigger gift and create a greater impact. It’s a budget-friendly approach for both you and Friends of ODS, as monthly gifts help us plan our expenditures. In addition, many employers match employee gifts, enabling you to significantly increase your donation!

Outdoor School, supported by Friends of ODS, teaches children and teens (and their families!) to safeguard our natural legacy for future generations. Giving to Friends of ODS at work allows us to partner with you to continue this important effort. Thank you!