Although Measure 99: Outdoor School for All passed at the ballot, we still need to send kids to Outdoor School this spring and to launch and preserve the new statewide funding program.

This campaign is also a wonderful way to show Oregon how involved and positive the entire community. It demonstrates your commitment to education and to giving back.

You will be helping a proven, successful program

that transforms the lives of children!

  • A recent Multnomah County study showed that Outdoor School improved school attendance, particularly among at-risk boys.
  • Outdoor education programs have been shown to improve mastery of science, cooperation, conflict resolution, self-esteem, problem-solving, the motivation to learn, and classroom behavior (American Institutes for Research, 2005)
  • Outdoor education also increases retention and graduation rates, helps students overcome barriers that prevent them from enjoying the outdoors, and broadens their perspective on career choices (Journal of Interpretation Research, 2004).
  • A 2012 study by University of Kansas researchers demonstrated that even just a few days outdoors can increase creativity by as much as 50%.
Why donate to Friends of Outdoor School through your Workplace Giving Program?

Thank you for considering supporting Friends of Outdoor School through workplace giving! Employees have a long history of supporting this amazing outdoor educational program, both in the classroom, at field sites, and through your employee-giving donations.

In short, we still need you! Your gifts and participation with Friends of Outdoor School will help make the difference in our shared success for the benefit of Oregon’s children, Oregon’s future and our shared land and natural resources.

Any amount helps. Please, make your gift today for the benefit of our kids!  

Workplace Giving

How Friends of Outdoor School will use your workplace giving donations:

  • Help fund Outdoor School for students slated to attend this spring! State funding won’t be available until fall 2017 at the earliest, so this is our #1 priority.
  • Provide direct support, expertise and resources to OSU Extension to establish a successful and timely implementation of Measure 99.
  • Remain vigilant and proactive in Salem against threats to the new funding.
  • Help ODS providers and camp facilities achieve goals and exceed expectations within the new state program.
  • Fill the inevitable gaps for ODS program costs that state funding doesn’t cover.
  • Create exciting opportunities for ODS alumni, youth and supporters to engage with the program in a meaningful way.