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  • Contributed over $4 million to send students to ODS
  • Secured a permanent source of partial funding from Metro for each fifth- or sixth-grade student in the Portland Metro region to attend ODS
  • Developed hundreds of community partnerships with local businesses and nonprofits on behalf of ODS
Friends of Outdoor School members have:
  • Ensure our community knows how to support ODS
  • Secure additional permanent funding sources outside the K-12 budget so that all students in the region may attend ODS
  • Continue to develop partnerships with local businesses and nonprofits to raise the profile of ODS
Our goals:

"It's not just a trip to the woods for the week. It's a critical part of our curriculum. Reading about the forest is a lot different from being in the forest."

- Cheryl "Isis" Bland, sixth grade teacher

Why support Outdoor School?

Friends of Outdoor School is dedicated to preserving the Outdoor School (ODS) experience for all Oregon students regardless of a student's ability, experience, income or family background. We do this by raising funds, gathering volunteers, and building community partnerships on behalf of Outdoor School.

Friends of Outdoor School

In 1957, a hands-on field science program called Outdoor School (ODS) launched in Oregon. It is an opportunity for students in fifth or sixth grade to move from their school classrooms into the outdoors to learn, immersed in nature. ODS programs are typically housed in residential camps; students stay onsite for up to five nights. While there, students learn about soil, water, plants and animals, as well as natural sciences specific to the local community and economy.

What is Outdoor School?

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