For every one hour of paid staff time, Outdoor School averages 10 hours of volunteer time.

We are always looking for committed volunteers. Read on to learn what opportunities are available to get involved now. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Brina Bolanz at (503) 257-1640 or

If you want to volunteer with Outdoor School please visit their website here, or contact Kitty Boryer at 503-257-1607 or

Friends of Outdoor School Volunteer Opportunities

Outreach Events

Like to talk to people? Volunteer to staff an outreach table at a community event.

Special Events

Love events? We have a variety of opportunities available throughout the year for those wishing to support Friends of ODS fundraising and outreach events.

Development or Marketing Intern

Looking to break into nonprofit development or marketing? Consider a development or marketing internship. We can customize an internship to fit your interest, schedule and needs.

Outdoor School Volunteer Opportunities

Special Needs One-on-One Volunteer

Want to change a life? Volunteer to work one-on-one with a special needs sixth-grade student. This is a one-week commitment at an Outdoor School site. Your commitment will ensure that a special needs student is able to participate in Outdoor School. 

Student Leader Volunteers
Are you a high school student? Be a Student Leader! This is a life-changing experience for you and the sixth-grade students you mentor. (It also looks fantastic on your resume!)

Classroom Guest Speaker

Come share what you know about plants, animals, water or soil in a classroom! Your visit will help students prepare for their upcoming Outdoor School experience.

Expert Trainer for Outdoor School Staff or Classroom Teachers

Want to share your special skill, expertise or knowledge with adults? Come train Outdoor School staff or classroom teachers about your field of expertise so that they may share with Outdoor School students.

Corporate Volunteer Day

Need to build your team, increase company morale or just get out of the office for some fresh air? We can help you plan a corporate volunteer day at an Outdoor School Site.

Office Volunteer

Our office doesn’t run itself! Help us file, enter computer data, stuff envelopes, make copies or perform other office work.

Math Wizard

Have a knack for numbers? We often need data crunched for evaluations and other statistical projects.

How to Volunteer