Donate Your Vehicle

Friends of Outdoor School is proud to work with the Volunteers of America Oregon vehicle donation program.

Do you have a vehicle to donate that's in good condition (or fixable for reasonable cost)? Please call or email our office first, as we may be able to place the vehicle with an ODS program or camp facility, maximizing your donation!

cars - trucks - trailers - more

cars - trucks - trailers - more


FAQ from Volunteers for America's vehicle donation partner, Charity Connections:

Q. How will my vehicle be used?
A. Your vehicle will be inspected to determine its best possible use. If it can't be used by one of our service programs, we will determine how to best maximize the value of your donation. If we can sell your vehicle, we will run a thorough safety check, detail your vehicle and post it on our virtual car lot.

Q. Does my car have to be running to donate it?
A. No. We accept running and non-running vehicles (some restrictions may apply to over-sized vehicles and tow range). 

Q. What types of vehicles are accepted?
A. All kinds! Cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, motor homes, travel trailers, utility trailers and aircraft, to name a few. We have even received and sold a fire engine!

Q. Will you pick up my vehicle?
A. We offer free towing. Our tow range is from Longview (WA), Portland, Salem, Eugene, down to Cottage Grove (OR) and a 50-mile radius off I-5.

Q. What if I have an out-of-state title?
A. No problem — we can process a donation with an out-of-state title, and we accept vehicles from almost any state.

Thank you for all your help with the car donation process. It was really easy to do and I’m thrilled that students will benefit from it!
— Tabitha Helms, donor