Oregon State University

Extension Program Updates

Friends of Outdoor School representatives proudly volunteer on OSU Extension’s Outdoor School Advisory Committee, which provides recommendations to the Director of the OSU Extension with regards to Outdoor School in the following areas: funding; communications; curriculum; diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); resourcing; and outcomes tracking, among others. At a recent meeting, committee members, including Dan Prince, who attended on behalf of Friends of ODS, received a Welcome and Tour from Tamastslikt Cultural Institute Museum. The group also:

• Framed values and beliefs around DEI

• Discussed participation data from year one

• Discussed student outcomes based on assessment and evaluation tools in the pilot year

• Gave feedback on professional development and curriculum priorities

• Gave feedback on regional coordinator positions and priorities

• Updated the asset map of the Advisory Committee to identify current assets and desired assets for the committee

We are pleased that Friends of ODS can provide valuable feedback during statewide program development!