Legislative tour of an Outdoor School site

Legislative tour of an Outdoor School site

Networking with Sparks

After hosting seven state legislators on tours around the state, we’ve made it to the end of our annual legislative tour season. Tours are a way for staterepresentatives and senators to better understand what ODS is all about as they meet outstanding student leaders, experience immersive and beautiful facilities, connect with knowledgeable and compassionate staff, observe engaging curriculum, and—best of all—meet kids!

Many legislators have questions about Outdoor School and tours help answer their questions, as we visit an Outdoor School site and observe kids in action. Their questions are a friendly, intensive trivia challenge of sorts. We draw from the expertise of our tour support team, including staff from OSU Extension, Friends of Outdoor School, and program providers to answer questions as they arise.

Below are the ten most common questions. Visit our website and click Trivia Tour to view the answers and see if you are a Legislative Tour Trivia Master! The Ten-Question Fall 2018 Legislative Tour Trivia Challenge follows; see how many you get right!

  • How do public schools, homeschools, and charter schools obtain Measure 99 funding?

  • What are the options for students in private schools?

  • What happens if a student does not own boots or a sleeping bag?

  • How many students participated in Outdoor School last year?

  • How many new schools participated in ODS last year?

  • What’s a Student Leader?

  • Do schools get to choose their Outdoor School site?

  • How does ODS accommodate students with specific needs?

  • How long is Outdoor School?

  • What do kids do at Outdoor School?