Measure 99

Ballot Title


Caption: Creates "Outdoor Education Fund" continuously funded through Lottery, to provide outdoor school programs statewide.

Result of a “Yes” Vote: “Yes” vote creates separate fund, financed through Oregon Lottery Economic Development Fund and administered by Oregon State University (OSU), to provide outdoor school programs statewide.

Result of a “No” Vote: “No” vote rejects creation of fund to provide statewide outdoor school program; retains current law under which OSU administers outdoor school grants if funding available.

Summary: Presently, Oregon does not fund outdoor school programs statewide, but under current law, OSU assists school districts by awarding grants according to specified criteria, and providing program maintenance, conditioned on funding.  Measure creates separate "Outdoor School Education Fund" (Fund) that is financed by Oregon State Lottery money distributed for economic development. Caps annual distributions of Lottery revenues to Fund. Specifies Fund's purpose to provide every Oregon fifth or sixth-grade student week-long outdoor school program or equivalent. Continuously appropriates Fund to OSU to administer and fund outdoor school programs statewide consistent with current law's grant program criteria; may require Fund dispersal outside of grant program. Allocations to Fund shall not reduce lottery proceeds dedicated under Oregon Constitution to education, parks, beaches, watersheds, fish, wildlife.

Read the full text of the Outdoor School for All measure here.