Leave a Legacy


Your planned gift will create an enduring legacy that reflects your values during your lifetime.  Imagine students, generations into the future, exploring the Northwest's forests, streams, and skies discovering the wonders of nature, friendship, and themselves because of you.

A planned gift is any gift usually realized at a later date, such as at your death.  Planned gifts can establish your legacy, support Outdoor School students, and help you and your family avoid capital gains and inheritance taxes. 

You may make a planned gift to Friends of Outdoor School in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes.  Your planned gift may be an unrestricted gift that will support the general purposes of Outdoor School or you may designate your gift to a specific purpose, such as sending students to Outdoor School, Student Leader Scholarships, or endowing staff positions.

To discuss your gift, contact:
 Kim Silva, Executive Director
 (971) 303-8914

This information is intended to  share general information.  For legal, tax, or other professional advice, please consult your professional advisor.

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A charitable bequest is a gift to a charity made at death through a will or trust. Ninety percent of planned gifts are simple bequests. By bequesting cash, securities or property by designating Friends of Outdoor School in your will, you may reduce estate taxes owed by your heirs while creating your legacy.  Next steps

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Retirement Plan Assets

If you do not need the income from your retirement account, you can avoid capital gains and income taxes by donating income you must draw from your account. Designating Friends of Outdoor School as a full or partial beneficiary of your retirement plan assets may also allow you to accomplish your personal goals while reducing or eliminating estate taxes.  Your retirement plan administrator will provide you with the appropriate forms.  Next steps



Life insurance

You may own a life insurance policy that was purchased when your family's needs were different, and this safety net may not be as important to you now. Or, you may be looking to make a significant future gift with a small investment now. By designating Friends of Outdoor School as the beneficiary, you may be able to deduct the annual premiums, making a larger impact on Outdoor School than you ever thought possible.  Your insurance company will provide you with the appropriate forms.  Next steps


real property

You can leave your real property to Friends of Outdoor School, or you might prefer to give Friends of Outdoor School ultimate ownership of your home, land, vacation home, or other real property while retaining life use for yourself. By deeding the property to Friends of Outdoor School, you can receive a substantial current income tax deduction, avoid capital gains taxes, and you (or someone you choose as a survivor) can use your property for life. Your tax advisor can guide you on this and other real property options, so you can meet your needs today while fulfilling your dreams for Outdoor School in the future.  Next steps

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Income gifts

There are a variety of income-generating gift options that can provide you with income and also benefit Outdoor School. Your professional advisor can help you create a trust or annuity. These income gift options will provide you with the income you need today and create your enduring legacy.  Next steps