Statewide Outdoor School Program


On November 8, 2016, Oregon voters passed Ballot Measure 99, authorizing funds from the state lottery to provide all fifth- or sixth-grade students in Oregon access to a week of Outdoor School. Measure 99 provided the funding for the Outdoor School law, which was passed by the Oregon Legislature in 2015.

Every Oregon student in fifth OR sixth grade, including home schooled and charter school students, will have the opportunity to attend a weeklong Outdoor School program, or an equivalent outdoor education experience that reflects local community needs, provided their school district or education service district (ESD) applies to receive funding for an eligible Outdoor School program.

This is a voluntary program; all school districts and education service districts (ESDs) will have the opportunity to access the funds, but are not required to participate. Oregon State University Extension Service is the funding administrator, and is overseeing the creation of the funding program, managing allocations, and supporting schools in preparing and implementing Outdoor School programs.

Per the law, the state made funds available to OSU Extension Service in July 2017. Funds for the fall 2017 semester have been distributed to the school districts and ESDs who have applied.  If you are a district or ESD and have NOT been notified about how to apply for funding, or have other questions, please email


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