Week 1:  Wild Art & Imagination – $295
July 10-14

Imagine what happens when nature and art collide! Come to Art & Imagination Week at Adventure Wild to find out! Let your inner artist bloom as we explore local greenspaces for inspiration, create art using responsibly gathered supplies from nature, make our own paper, dream up our own stories, and much, much more!

Week 2:  Wild Creatures & Conservation – $295  FULL - wait list only
July 17-21

Do you love cuddly animals? Intriguing insects? Slimy slugs? If so, come to Wild Creatures & Conservation Week to explore local greenspaces, ponds, and gardens to learn all about critters in their natural habitats – and how biologists protect wildlife! As detectives, we’ll search for evidence of animals, try our hands at critter-catching, and more!

Week 3:  Wild Science & Exploration (incl. Mazama Lodge day trip & lunch) – $325  FULL - wait list only 
July 24-28

Did you know you can melt ice with salt? Can you guess which animal Jane Goodall spent her whole life studying? These and other wonders of the world will unfurl during Science & Exploration Week! We’ll conduct experiments, launch our own rockets, and try our hands at orienteering during our day trip to the Mazamas Lodge on Mount Hood!

Week 4:  Wild Rocks & Rivers (incl. Mazama Lodge day trip & lunch) – $325  FULL - wait list only
July 31-4

Did you know the paths of rivers change over time? Or that your favorite rock might have been a different kind of rock in the past? Or that crystals can be grown at home? Come to Rocks & Rivers Week to learn about the different kinds of rock found on Earth, create mineral art, and see how many samples we can find during our day trip to the Mazamas Lodge on Mount Hood!

Week 5:  Wild Mountains & Glaciers (incl. Mazama Lodge day trip & lunch) – $325  FULL - wait list only
Aug. 7-11

Have you ever wondered how Mt. St. Helens lost its top? Did you know glacial ice can be hundreds of thousands of years old? Come to Mountains & Glaciers Week to learn about plate tectonics, the ring of fire, and the lives of the mountains and frozen water that surrounds us here in Portland. We’ll create working volcanoes, a moving glacier model, and more. Plus, our adventures will include a special day trip to a mountain lodge that sits on a real, live volcano: the Mazamas Lodge on Mount Hood!

Adventure WILD Day Camp c/o Friends of Outdoor School  |  PO Box 82684, Portland, OR 97282  |  971-808-2267   |  adw@friendsofoutdoorschool.org

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2017  Camp Dates & Rates

Our base camp is the Mazama Mountaineering Center in SE Portland. From there, we’ll explore the outdoors, learning about urban nature and the vibrant life in the beautiful greenspaces around us, including the 26-acre Laurelhurst Park, the first city park to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Each week’s theme includes nature, science, art, climbing and play components, tailored to the ages and interests of the week's participants. 

Through our partnership with the
Mazamas, every Friday is indoor rock climbing day (always a camper favorite!) supervised by trained Mazamas volunteers. We’ll teach our young adventurers how to properly use climbing equipment, to safely belay, and the basics of climbing technique, carefully scaled to the age and ability of each child.

Expanded Mount Hood field trips for 2017

This summer, the last THREE camp weeks include our famous Thursday day-long excursions to Mazama Lodge on Mount Hood!

While at the Lodge, we’ll supercharge our nature, science and arts thematic learning by embarking on trail adventures and scavenger hunts, learning to identify alpine plants and animals, trying our hands at orienteering, and immersing ourselves in art projects inspired by the alpine environment. (Includes lunch prepared at the Lodge; special diets accommodated).