Dan Prince, Associate Director of Friends of Outdoor School and former Coordinator of Outdoor School for Multnomah Education Service District, has been busy in the field meeting with Outdoor School providers and camp facilities. 

One of the hallmarks of an Outdoor School learning experience is that students get to explore, investigate, and fall in love with their Outdoor School site. As the number of schools attending ODS continues to grow, the capacity to host ODS programming will also need to grow. Many locations would love to host ODS, but they may lack the facilities or staff needed for all students to sleep, eat, study, and live for a week. Schools may not know of a suitable place to hold the program that is either close enough or located in the part of the state they want students to study. 

Friends of Outdoor School is committed to developing creative ways to help camp facilities across the state get prepared for kids. The first step is to find out what camps and programs may need, and to discover ways an Outdoor School facilities network could support meeting those needs.

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