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House Bill 2516 - Outdoor School for Everyone

Since 1957, Outdoor School programs throughout Oregon have taken hundreds of thousands of diverse middle and high school students into the field to learn, experience, and discover natural science, their community, and themselves. Currently, 45% of Oregon's middle school children have the opportunity to participate in this transformative program, but every Oregon child should have the opportunity to participate. Now is the time to secure this program for our children today, and leave a legacy of Outdoor School for the future. This investment will benefit not just the children, but our entire state by increasing children's access to math and science, improving school retention, and fostering a generation of civic-minded citizens who have a greater appreciation for Oregon's natural treasures.

Read more about the bill here.
Watch our short video that aired on KATU.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, House Bill 2516 did not pass. But right now, we're actively building an even better campaign to demonstrate to state legislature our community's unwavering commitment to Outdoor School. Keep up your letters of support!


Ten Reasons to Fund Outdoor School

 Outdoor School...

  1. Engages students, outdoors, in real-world science.
  2. Prepares high school students to become college and career ready with affordable and effective leadership opportunities.
  3. Is currently only available to 45% of Oregon's students, but when funded is an equitable and accessible experience that all students deserve.
  4. Builds deep connections to Oregon and local communities, inspiring students to connect to where they live.
  5. Builds the next generation of teachers, scientists, farmers, and citizens who understand conservation.
  6. Outdoor School reinforces the federal "No child left inside" initiative and the Oregon initiative created by the Legislature and signed by the Governor: "No Oregon Child Left Inside."
  7. Is supported by communities of parents, educators, nonprofits, funders, agencies, and businesses throughout the state.
  8. Creates an engaging educational experience that aligns with Next Generation Science Standards, improves student test scores, increases retention, and leads to a desire for higher education.
  9. Began in 1958 and is part of Oregon's heritage.
  10. Changes kids' lives for the better!

Sign our letter of support as an individual or on behalf of your organization now:

    Coalition Partners

    Lead Partners:

    Gray Family Foundation

    No Oregon Child Left
    Inside Initiative

    Friends of Outdoor School

    Supporting Partners:
    Camp Magruder

    Coos County 4-H

    David Douglas High School

    Ecology in Classrooms & Outdoors

    Environmental Education Association of Oregon

    Forest Grove Community School

    Harrison School

    H. B. Lee Middle School

    HEART Portland

    Menlo Park School

    Nature Bridge

    Parenting With Empathy, LLC

    Portland Metro STEM Partnership

    Rewild Portland

    Ron Russel Middle School

    Individual Supporters:
    Click here for the full list


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